3PL  (3rd Party Logistic)
Came into existence from military, 3 PL or a third party logistics provider is generally a non-asset based organization that specializes in providing outsourced logistics services to companies for few or all of their supply chain management functions. Here in the logistic services comprises anything that includes management of the way goods are moved to the required destinations.
Leveraging on its experience and expertise, ASR provides an umbrella of services including any kind of service contract that involves storing or shipping things. Depending upon the needs and demands of the customers, the experts at ASR intellectually frame the services ranging from operation, warehousing and transportation that exactly fit the business requirements of consumer retailers, manufacturers, or shippers of industrial commodities. Backed with years of experience, the professionals at ASR help you to reduce costs, risk and save time and expense in the implementation of your logistics strategy.
Widely acknowledged, the services at ASR are characterized due to following:

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