HSS (High Sea Sales)

HSS or High Sea Sales are the transactions, which are done when goods are yet at high seas means; the seller sells the goods to buyers after their dispatch from the port/ airport of origin and before the consignment reaches port of destination. Specially made at the high sea/air, these kinds of transactions are done to save the service taxes which are paid to the government.

Abiding all the rules and regulations, ASR provides best deals to buyers to avail goods at reasonable prices. Established as a reliable HSS seller, ASR gives various benefits to the buyers including purchase of small quantities from the large shipment, short delivery time to final buyers and many more. People at ASR stringently generate and check the relevant documents prepared during the transactions.

Once the sale has been done, ASR professionals interact with the shipment authorities or agents informing that an HSS agreement has been established with the HSS buyer.  This allows the agents to develop a carrier document in favour of the HSS buyer and further to fill the IGM by the carrier in the name of the HSS buyer. While delivering the goods by air, ASR instructs its foreign supplier to direct the air carrier in writing to deliver the cargo to high sea buyer. Moreover, ASR also helps its high sea buyers in receiving all declarations, undertakings, bills of landing, bonds etc. for clearance.

Heading ahead with its competent professionals, ASR has proven itself as the exclusive leader in the logistics industry and a reliable HSS for its customers.
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